More than 100 mold industry gardens in China

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At present, there are hundreds of domestic mold related industrial parks, which are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.
Zhejiang (12): China (Huangyan) mold City Industrial Park, Luqiao high dance mold processing base, Yueqing precision mold production base, Shenzhou mold City, Yongkang mold City, Yuyao mold City, Ninghai mold City, Cixi mold City, Beilun mold City, Wuyi mold City, Zhejiang mold City, East Zhejiang mold City
Guangdong (12): Xiang Xin Automobile Mold Industrial Park, poly and international machinery mold and Hardware City, Changan Jin Ming International Machinery Mould City, Hongcheng hardware and electronic mould City, Hengli Hui Ying International Mould City, peach garden mold City, Shenzhen mold City, Kam Feng Group mold industrial city, Qingyuan mold machinery manufacturing equipment Industrial Park, Foshan Mold City, Shunde Shang steel mold City, Chaoan ceramic mold center production base
Jiangsu (7): Kunshan mould industry experimentation area, Changzhou (singing Phoenix) Yangtze River Delta mold City, Suzhou (Enteromorpha) International Mold City, Kunshan (Yushan) International Mold City, quasi an Shi Tai Long International Die and mold City, Wuxi precision mold production base, Ying Jia mold City
Sichuan (7): Chengdu Qingyang mold City, Chengdu Jing Kai District Automobile Mold Industrial Park, Neijiang Mold Industrial Park, Tang Zheng Mold Industrial Park, Anyue Mold Industrial Park, Tianfu New Area Mold Industrial Park, Guang'an Die City (chip).
Hunan (7): Hunan environmental science and Technology Industrial Park, Changsha International Mold City, Xiangtan torch District, Loudi Mold Industrial Park, Hengyang Shenzhen Mold Industrial Park, Yongzhou Changfeng Industrial Park, Jiahe cast capital
Hubei (6): Wuhan International Mold City, Ling Xiang special steel mold and equipment manufacturing industrial park, central China mold City, Xiangfan Tooling Center, Laohekou automobile die and mold City, Xian'an District Mold Industrial Park
Anhui (4): Hefei mould Industrial Park, Wuhu automobile die industry base, Chuzhou appliance mould industrial base, Anhui blade mould trademark brand base.
Shandong (4): Qingdao home appliance mold and equipment manufacturing base, Zhongtian (Shandong Zhoucun) mold City, Shandong (Linyi) International Mold Industrial Park, Shandong Linglong tire mold industrial base.
Jiangxi (4): Jiangxi shangya mold City, send high die industrial park, Nanchang through Die City, Wuyang mould city.
Tianjin (3): Tianjin International Mold City, Chen Dong Mold Industrial Park, Binhai mold manufacturing base.
Liaoning (3): Shenyang (Liaozhong) mold Park / offshore mold industry base, Shenyang Taizhou plastic mould City, Dalian mould Industrial Park.
Jilin (3): FAW Group Mold Industrial Park, Gongzhuling special automobile parts mould Park, Tumen JiangMo mould processing park.
Chongqing (2): Chongqing mould Industrial Park (Mould & Hardware Electrical and mechanical supply base), West China mould city.
Hebei (2): Huanghua mold City, Botou automobile mold manufacturing base
Guangxi (2): Liuzhou Yanghe mould production base, Qinzhou real molds Industrial Park.
Shanxi (2): Jincheng precision mold production base, Xinzhou advanced mold processing park.
Qinghai (1): Ledu large precision casting and forging mold base

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